DVV Data

Data Validation and Verification (DVV)

Extended Profile

Criteria 1 - Curricular Aspects

Criteria 2 - Teaching-learning and Evaluation

Criteria 3 - Research, Innovations and Extension

Criteria 4 - Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Criteria 5 - Student Support and Progression

5.1.1 Percentage of students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided by the Government and Non-Government agencies during last five years

5.1.2: Capacity building and skills enhancement initiatives taken by the institution

5.1.3 Percentage of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career counseling offered by the Institution during the last five years

5.3.1: Number of awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/ cultural activities at University / state/ national / international level (award for a team event should be counted as one) during the last five years

Criteria 6 - Governance, Leadership and Management

6.3.3: Percentage of teaching and non-teaching staff participating in Faculty development Programmes (FDP), professional development /administrative training programs during the last five years

Criteria 7 - Institutional Values and Best Practices