S.P.D.M.Arts S.B.B.&S.H.D.Commerce & S.M.A.Science College, Shirpur Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha’s

                             Our Vision : “ To impart qualitative and valuable service in higher education for the  students in hilly area.”

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About Department

 Name of Department:- Department of Urdu

  About Department: - Establishment in 19.05.1985 B. A.


      Book in the Central Library-

      Number of Journals :- (Monthly Urdu Duniya ) – 01

      Total Books  :- 295

Activities organised by the Department of URDU

 Departmental Activities

1 Guest Lectures

2 Urdu Seminars by the students

3 Mushaira

4 Debate

5 Eloquence

6 Student Trip

7 Eid Milan Program

8 Urdu Literary forum

 Individual Activities

1 Proposal of Minor Research Project is submitted for permission.

2 Orientation Course  :-  Completed (Pune University)

3 Refresher Course :-  Completed (Aligarh University)

4 Publication :-  Yes

5 Conferences and Seminars.:-  Yes

6 Active Participation In various college committees

7 Counseling to students and parents

8 As a Guest lecturer ( Visiting Faculty Or Urdu Subject )

9 Successfully developed Urdu from General level to Special level

( Specialization at U.G. Level)

10 Special Attention and care to Minority Scholarship

      Future Perspectives

 Departmental Activities

The Urdu Department arranged facility of Guest lecturers to guide students on the various subject related topics.

1)     Mr. Shaikh Farooque Ismail , Talim Ki Ahemiyat (Importance of Education)

2)     Mr. I.P. Shaikh – Urdu Adab  (Urdu Literature)

3)     Mr. Zakir Usmani – Asnaf-e-Sukhan (Urdu Grammar)

 The Urdu Department arranged two TRIPS for students at Toranmal and Mandavgarh respectively in 2012 and 2013.

 The Department conducted the activity of seminars for students regularly. The only intention to arrange seminars for them is to promote literary interest and removing fright of public speaking.

 Mushaira..Students were allotted verses of various Urdu poets and then they presented the shairi ( Ghazals and Nazms ) of those poets.

 Debate :-Debate session on

1) Condition of Urdu in today’s world.

2) Urdu and computer.

3) Is the veil hindrance in the progress of women.

 Eloquence :-

1) Karmaveer Anna Sahab ki Urdu Khidmat.

2) Maulana Azad aur Urdu.

3) Urdu Skulo Me Urud ka Maqaam.

 Urdu Literary  Forum :-

 The Urdu Department established “ URDU FORUM” as “ BAZM –E –TAZEEN-E-URDU ADAB”

Dr. Sayyed Zakir Ali (Iqra college, Jalgaon) and Dr. Iqbal Shah  were special invitees, the            whole staff and the respected citizens of shirpur were also present.

     “Eid – Milan” Programme:-

In order to spread the message of National Integration, the Urdu Department celebrated “ Eid – Milan Programme” For Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian communities and they attend the programme. Leaders from different political and social parties were also present last year. Hon’ble Ab. Karim Salar and Dr.Iqbal Shah (M.C. Member North Maharashtra University) were the chief guests. Our Hon’ble President Tushar Bhau Presided over the function and truly admired the attainment of the purpose.

Photo Galary Eid Milan
Gayan Spardha