S.P.D.M. Arts S.B.B. & S.H.D. Commerce & S.M.A. Science College, Shirpur Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha’s Vision


       To impart quality education for rural and tribal student’s to meet new challenges of life and to make them good, self-reliant and capable citizens of the society and the country.



         The mission of the college is to sustain the unsustainable boys and girls students from the socially and economically backwards society from the rural and tribal area.  




        The goal of the institution is “Duritanche Timir Jawo” means through good education a man should be free from the shackles of darkness of social, cultural religious, political, educational ignorance and restrictions.



   To impart qualitative and value based education in higher education for the students in tribal area.

   To make available the higher education for the socially and economically backward students.

  An all-round development of the students which includes physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional domain.

   To bring out communal harmony and social awareness among the students.

  To inculcate the habit of self discipline to contribute in the reformation of the society as a responsible

   citizen of the Nation.

  To make the girl students aware of their rights and responsibilities as women, as an integral part in the

   development of the society and naturally the country.

  To enhance moral attitude through curriculum.

  To make available a platform through co-curricular and extra -curricular activities to expose students’ hidden talent belong to tribal areas.

  Promote and facilitate development and empowerment of human resources.

  To serve the rural and tribal people especially the poor and downtrodden irrespective of their cases

, creed, race and religion of the region.

To develop students ability to update knowledge and make them able to become self-reliant and self


The Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Institution are communicated to the stakeholders through  

the College prospectus, ‘Prakashache Bet’, the College Magazine, through the organized programmes

 and activities and the College Website.

They are displayed in showcases and on notice boards of the College.

Teaching and non-teaching staff are also briefed about the Vision and Mission of the Institution from

 time to time by the Management and the Principal in meetings.

Our Vision : "To impart quality education for rural and tribal student's to meet new challenges of life and to make them good, self-reliant and capable citizens of the society and the country"