S.P.D.M.Art’s S.B.B.&S.H.D.Commerce & S.M.A.Science College, Shirpur Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha’s

                             Our Vision : “ To impart qualitative and valuable service in higher education for the  students in hilly area.”

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About Department

About Department

The Department of Chemistry established in 1970 and Post Graduate Department of Chemistry established in 1989-90. This Department imparts the chemical studies to F.Y. B.Sc. (01 Divisions) S.Y B.Sc. (01Division) and T.Y.B.Sc. (O1 Division) at Special Level. Post Graduate Department with the intake capacity of 12 Students admitted through the CAP. At PG Level, the Department has Specialization in Inorganic chemistry and organic Chemistry.

Departmental details

1. Highly sophisticated Research Laboratory with instruments.

2. Qualified staff.

3. 6 students registered in research laboratory under guidance of Prin. Dr. S. N. Patel

4. MRP on “Removal of Dyes using Bio absorbents” is submitted by Prin. Dr. S. N. Patel