S.P.D.M. Arts S.B.B. & S.H.D. Commerce & S.M.A. Science College, Shirpur Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha’s Library

About the Library SPDM College, Shirpur

The library of SPDM College is the oldest and largest academic library in the Khandesh region of North Maharashtra. With a legacy that is close to 52 years, the Library having carpet area of 299 Sq.M.  This vast repository of books has a collection of 64148 books and subscribes to 48 journals and magazines, of which 3 are foreign journals. The library has a pleasant and well ventilated reading facility for undergraduate students in the ground floor with a seating capacity for 200 students. The reading room is kept open from 7:00 am to 6:00 on all working days for 125 students. The Karamveer Dalan is a state-of-the-art audio-visual learning centre wherein inspirational documentaries and movies are periodically screened.

The Library also houses a state-of-the-art Language Laboratory with 30 cubicles with computer nodes wherein various personality development programs such as English Proficiency Course are regularly conducted.

The library offers open access to post-graduate students so that they could choose the books they like to read on their own. The library is semi-automated and uses own software. The circulation wing uses barcode technology for issue/receipt of books at the book counters and books are issued Monday –Saturday without any day restriction to all the undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Sr. No .

Name  Of Employee




Mrs. M.K. Ahirrao

M.Sc B.Ed, M.Lib. SET



Mr. Sonawane  N.K




Mr. Girase U.B.




Mr. Patil S.S




Mr. Wani  L.L




Mr. Karankal S.B




Mr. Deshmukh H.K



Objectives of Library

1. To acquire, update, maintain and provide a qualitative and quantitative collection of books, periodicals and other instructional material of electronic resources to support the academic programme and educational objectives of the college.

2. To include in collection various fields of knowledge as well as of career and character building.

3. To provide quality services to faculty and students for achieving their curricular as well as co-curricular goals, with the help of technology, but not as a substitute for personal service.

4. To inculcate reading habit among students and to encourage collaborative efforts among library staff and students to maximum utilization of library resources


Establishment of the Department
The Department of Library has been established right from the inception of the college (Academic Year 1962 – 1963).

Library Committee -

                   1. Dr.  S.N.Patel  -  Principal

                   2. Prof. N.M. Kazi  -  Vice-Principal

                   3. Prof. V.M.Patil  -  Vice-Principal

                   4. Mrs. M.K.Ahirrao  - Librarian

                   5. Dr.  P.T.Gaikwad

                   6. Dr. R.N.Lungse

                   7. Prof. A.E.Mali.

                   8. Dr.D.B.Patil

                   9. Dr.S.A.Athwale


1.  Reading Hall

2.  Journals , Periodicals  & News paper & old  Question Papers - The library is also enriched by receiving the daily news papers in Marathi, Hindi, and English languages

3.   Online Library Services.

4.  Display of New Arrivals - The new added collection is always displayed in the display cupboards for a period of seven days for wider publicity.

5.   Information Extension services

6.   E-journals and books services

7.   Indexing services

8.   E-journals are available for researcher and all teaching staff through N-List Project.

9.   Daily newspapers are kept at the counter and available for reading to everybody

10. Users Awareness Program.

11. Distribution of library card & Reader’s card with Students College I card.

12. Physically Open Access

13. Home Issue counter

14. Reference Service for The students / Outsiders: - The reference sections are enriched by reference sources like theses projects, encyclopaedia, periodicals etc. Reference and information services are provided for the study of the ex- students and outsiders. Our circulation section works six days in a week. We offer reference books,   Encyclopaedia, Year Books and Dictionaries to the borrowers for use in our specious reading   hall as well as main library. We also guide students who participate in various competitions such as debating, elocution and essay writing competitions etc.

15.Book Bank: - Book Bank facility has been made available to the academically backward students by the Department of Student Welfare of the University of Mumbai

16.CD facility :- This year we have introduced the new digital library for the benefit of the staff members as well as students

17. News Clippings :- We preserve the major news from the news papers in the form of cuttings as  ready reference and to give guidance to students  for competitive examination

18. Suggestion Box: Students can drop their recommendations for books and any other suggestions in this box kept near book showcases. The suggestion box opens on every Saturday at 2-00 p.m.

Highlights of the Library

Special Collection

1. Ph D. Thesis                                                          : 22

2. Competitive Exam Materials                                : 380

3. Special collection of Rare Books                          : 23

4. Special collection of old Marathi Dramas            : 57

5. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar study centre                : 342

6. Mahatma Gandhi Research & Study Centre         : 558

7. Sardar Patel Study Centre.                                    : 101

8. Human Right                                                         : 218

9. Women Study Centre                                            : 80

10.Value Education (HR)                                          : 18

11.Tourism Study Centre                                          : 112

12.Pandit Javaharlal Nehru Centre                          : 262


1. Books  -  64148

2. CD - 100

3. News Paper – 12

4. Periodicals -47

Value Added Services

1. OPAC (Online Public Access).

2. INFLIBNET(Information of Library  Network)

      3  N-List



Book Exhibition

1. We invite more than  ten book  distributors  to participate in  the yearly  Book Exhibition

2. Books of Indian as well as foreign authors & publishers are kept for   display.

Programs Conducted

1. Every year on the 6th Dec. – “Dr. Babasaheb  Ambedkar Mahaparinirvandin” Special collection of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar related books Exhibition.

2. Woman's days a joint program with ‘Women Development  Cell of SPDM college’

3. ‘Bharatiya Stree Shakti’ an exhibition of books related  women's problems & women's authors

4. We have organized an Exhibition of our C.D. Collection

5. For Geography students we organized an exhibition of various Atlas which we have in   library.

6.  Residentially books exhibitions was held on 09/10/2014  to 11/10/2014 in which old books from 1962 to onwards and rare books of Mahatma Gandhi were included


Rules for Students using Library

1.   For entry inside the counter the students should keep all belongings aside and are allowed to carry only their library card and identity card.

2.   Handle the books carefully and do not mutilate them in any way while using.

3.   The books issued for home reading from library must be returned on due date that is put up on date slip behind the book.  If the same book is required again for the next week, student must renew the book on the due date or is subjected to pay fine of Rs. 1/- per day per book.

4.   In case of loss of a library book the Librarian should be contacted immediately. The lost book should be replaced immediately by whoever lost it. The cost of the book will be recovered only if the book is not available in the market.

5.   The library reading room furniture should be used in proper manner. Do not write or stick anything on the tables or chairs or any furniture.  

6.   Users are required to check the pages of the books while getting it issued. If any mutilation is observed after the issue, the user who is possessing the book will be held responsible and will be eligible for action as per rules.

7.  Students have to return all books after examination Books ,taken under home lending are to be returned within 07 days for students. However if the documents are urgently required, Librarian can recall it. If book is retained beyond the limit mentioned above, a fine of Rs.01 per book per day will be charged.

8.  Talking loudly, discussing, loitering, eating, smoking, spitting, using mobile, shifting chairs, reserving chairs, scratching on furniture is strictly prohibited.

9.   All persons using the Library are subject to the discipline of the college.

10. Keep silence and behave in decent manner and maintain discipline. No entry inside the counter or UGC Network Resource Centre without prior permission of the counter staff

Residentially book -exhibition was held on 9,10 & 11  Oct, 2014  Which included old books from 1962 to onwards and some unique  books of Mahatma Gandhi.

Old Books Selling Event
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