S.P.D.M.Arts S.B.B.&S.H.D.Commerce & S.M.A.Science College, Shirpur Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha’s

                             Our Vision : “ To impart qualitative and valuable service in higher education for the  students in hilly area.”

English Educational Mission Faculty
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About Department

Educational Mission  


              To impart quality education for rural and tribal student’s to meet new challenges of life and to       make them good, self-reliant and capable citizens of the society and the country.



             The mission of the department of English  is to sustain the unsustainable boys and girls students   from the socially and economically backwards society from the rural and tribal area.  



               The goal of the institution is “Duritanche Timir Jawo” means through good education a man    should be free from the shackles of darkness of social, cultural religious, political, educational      ignorance and restrictions.