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1 Research Objectives Download
2 National Conference- 5th January 2016 Download
3 International Conference on Challenges in Human Geography – 20th &21st Jan. 2019 Download
4 Workshop on API and UGC Regulation 2018- 19th March 2019 Download
5 NET/SET Workshop for PG Students – 23rd March 2019 Download
6 NET/SET Workshop for PG Students -16th January 2020 Download
7 National Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Innovation in Science & Technology – 5th and 6th January 2020 Download
8 One Day Workshop for Research Guides- 7th February 2020 Download
9 Series of National Webinar – 12th to 16th May 2020 Download
10 Online International Conference on Urdu Ghazal Ki Tahezibi O FikriRiwayatKa Safar – 19thMay 2020 Download
11 International Conference on Post Covid Education, Physical Education Scenario- 29th May 2020 Download
12 One Week Online FDP on Rebooting Physical Education Faculties in the Outbreak of Covid-19- 9th to 13th June 2020 Download
13 E-Workshop on e-Learning for Students- 16th August 2020 Download
14 Multidisciplinary National E-Conference on Impact of Covid-19 on Business, Humanities and Society- 5th January 2021 Download
15 Workshop on Research Methodology for PG Students- 11th April 2021 Download
16 NET/SET Workshop for PG Students and Research Scholars- 12th April 2021 Download
17 E-Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Processing- 22nd May 2021 Download
18 National Level Webinar on Research Methodology – 20th August 2021 Download
19 15 Days Training Program in “R and D Training and Analytical Instrumental Handling”- 18th Oct to 2nd Nov 2021 Download
20 National Workshop on “Enhancement of Advanced Perspectives of Stereo Chemistry and Spectroscopy”- 28th Feb & 1st March 2022 Download
21 One Day Workshop on Research Methodology – 10th May 2022 Download
22 Workshop on Patent Filling and Procedure – 13th June 2022 Download